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The origami is a unique off-the-shelf modular hardware product range and software toolkit delivering customized multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K video products. Origami technology is based on strong manufacturing expertise, board level product lines and highly adaptive hardware components: FPGA chips, ultra dense connectors, etc.

The origami ecosystem joints the forces of top level hardware vendors, IP-Core vendors, design house to build an extraordinary efficient development and deployment environment. In this ecosystem, functionalities and possibilities expand dramatically as direct access to extended libraries of pre-integrated IP-Cores are provided from world class vendors.

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processing power
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Decoupling processing power from the application layer, the origami concept creates agility and speed in hardware development.

The origami module is the beating heart of the system. It groups FPGA, memory, security chip, local power supply and other essential components to run the FPGA in a credit card size module. Its highly compact design integrates everything you need to exploit the FPGA while exposing all available IO to the application layer.

The origami carrier is the application layer. It is easily adapted to all required interfaces so that the functionalities of origami module(s) can be exposed as needed by the application. So, origami carriers are often custom made and application specific.

The origami connector is based on Samtec Z-Ray interposer. It is a custom high-density board-to-board connector. It links origami module(s) and carrier board. It carries high performance serial IOs, digital differential IOs, control signals and power lines.

Origami’s breakthrough modular approach guarantees future-proof and adaptable hardware designs.

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